Your first mobile massage and what to expect

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Ready to treat yourself but don’t know what kind of massage is best for your needs? Give an experienced massage therapist a call and discuss the concerns you have, so they can suggest the treatment option that will really hit all those spots. When it comes time for your session make sure you are ready to receive your therapist early – this gives you a chance to calm down and get into Zen mode before getting some relief. 


When getting a massage, finding the right pressure level is key! You should discuss whether you prefer light or deep touch before your session and feel free to tell your therapist if something feels too intense. The goal of every session is for it to be tailored in such a way that accommodates what’s comfortable for you – so don’t hesitate to speak up about any discomfort with how hard (or soft) they are going! 

When your therapist arrives, they’ll give you a warm welcome before you show them to their “workspace” – the room in your house where you’ll have your massage done, so they can get everything prepped. Of course, feel free during this time to ask questions while the preparations are being made for you – get comfortable. When everything is all ready, sit back with your therapist as they go through what kind of techniques will be involved during this session: think soothing background music; moisturizing oils applied across affected areas; kneading motions that ensure stress is released from each muscle… After discussing details together like preferences and requests (such as pressure needed and choice of oil), then you’re good-to-go, as therapist leaves the room briefly. You can now undress to your comfort level and get yourself underneath the fresh sheets/towels provided on the table. Your massage therapist returns and will now start your massage. During the massage don’t hesitate to speak up or ask questions. It’s important that you feel comfortable and that the therapist is paying attention in all of the right tension areas in your body. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns! 

After the session, take time to recharge and make sure you’re looking after yourself. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated throughout the day and wear extra layers of clothing if needed – your warm muscles will thank you! Also, try not to overdo it in the 24 hours following an intensive massage – this can undo some good work done by your therapist. You will find the effect of massage last even longer with maintenance appointments regularly booked. 




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Kal ThatsIt

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