Pregnancy Massage and How It Works

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The Benefits of Prenatal Massage


Relaxing and relieving some of the discomforts of pregnancy, prenatal massage is growing in popularity. When you consider all the ways in which prenatal massage may aid a woman—both physically and emotionally and mentally—it’s easy to see why so many expectant mothers are turning to it. Read on to learn more about prenatal massage, its benefits, and how to locate a trained practitioner.

How Does Prenatal Massage Work?

Massage therapy during pregnancy is called prenatal massage, and it is intended to help the mother in many ways. Pregnancy massage uses specific techniques, such as light kneading of muscles and more delicate pressures administered to areas including the back, neck, shoulders, and legs, to alleviate soreness caused by the body’s transformations. During your session, your therapist will arrange you in a comfortable position, propping you up with pillows and cushions. If you are further along in your pregnancy, your therapist may also have you lie on your side.

Prenatal massage has many positive effects on the mother and baby.

Prenatal massages have a wide range of potential advantages for both mother and baby. There are many, but here are some of the most important:

Lowering stress via increasing endorphins, which have a calming effect on the body and mind;

Muscle pain relief from repeated sitting, standing, bending, etc., can be achieved with consistent sessions.

Bettering the quality of your nightly slumber through the application of relaxation strategies during your session.

Researchers have found that maternal touch is an effective mood enhancer, especially during pregnancy.

Methods for Locating a Reliable Therapist

Because of the many changes that occur in a mother’s body during pregnancy, it is essential that any prenatal massage therapist you choose has had specialized training dealing with pregnant women and uses techniques designed to address these changes. If you’re not sure where to look, medical or reproductive clinics may be able to refer you to a massage therapist who specializes in prenatal care.  Your friends and family may also be able to recommend someone trustworthy. You can also locate a number of qualified massage therapists on the web. In addition, before scheduling an appointment, it’s a good idea to check reviews, talk to the therapist you’re considering, and ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have to get a feel for if they know what they are speaking about and if their energy matches yours.


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