Massage Therapy and your mind

Woman getting Massage in Barbados For Mental Health

Getting a massage regularly is a great way to reduce stress and calm down.

We know that the prospect of spending an hour lying on a massage table with nothing but your thoughts may be terrifying, but trust us when we say that it will assist with your anxiety

Indeed, massage may alleviate the stress that has accumulated in your body and is the root cause of the anxiety that is pulsing through your veins. Stress hormone cortisol levels can drop by as much as 30 percent after a massage, which in turn improves the body’s natural defenses against anxiety. In addition, massage can provide a refuge from the stresses and strains of daily life.


You may be relieved to learn that massage helps improve your focus and concentration if you have difficulties staying on task. How often do you find yourself sitting at your desk and being acutely aware of how stiff and taut your shoulders are?

Relaxing muscle tension with a massage can help increase oxygen and nutrients in the blood that feeds the brain.

Because your muscles are tense, blood is being redirected away from your brain and towards the affected area. Reduced tension thanks to massage therapy means more oxygen-rich blood for your thinking processes. In turn, this improves blood flow to the brain, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to help you concentrate.

Massage improves circulation, which has many physiological and psychological benefits.

One way to think about the lymphatic system is as the body’s version of a drainage system. It safeguards the body by flushing out harmful substances, excess waste, and bacteria. Applying pressure in the form of massage can stimulate the lymphatic system, allowing the body to more efficiently eliminate toxins.

Toxins, waste accumulation, and bacteria are all flushed out of the system via lymphatic drainage, making the body stronger against external aggressors.

When your blood flows more freely, you’ll experience a surge of energy and mental clarity you may have previously associated primarily with the last few sips of your morning coffee. However, if your morning cup of coffee puts you in a good mood, we’re on your side and don’t want you to give it up!

It has been shown that massage can help combat insomnia.

A vicious loop of being unable to sleep and then being frustrated, which makes it even harder to fall asleep, is one of life’s most frustrating experiences. We don’t know what would be a better excuse than getting a massage to help you relax and fall asleep.

Since massage is so helpful in getting people to sleep, we developed a Sleep Massage to maximize its effects. The therapy is intended to induce a state of profound relaxation in both the mind and body.

For what reason does it produce the desired results? The release of endorphins and the subsequent rise in serotonin levels, both the result of massage therapy, aid in calming the mind and facilitating sleep.

When you schedule your next massage, keep in mind that you’re doing something good for your mind.



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