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We first published this article on our Instagram Page back in 2020 but “getting slimy” has been so helpful to me I thought Id share with you. Here goes…

“I’ve used it in my hair on beach days as a child and in my early teens. Never used it internally but knew what granny and my parents said they used it for. Mainly helping to send unsuspecting victims to the bathroom often, giving them a good cleaning out. Constipation be gone!! So I put eating Aloe in the same bin as their messy tales of once a week Castor Oil and Epsom Salt cleansing at the hands of their own parents and told myself once I wasn’t feeling bloated and constipated I’d pass and totally avoid the eating it, part.

But alas who did I think I was? I found out when my body needed help to do what it was supposed to, that I wanted to keep any solutions as natural as possible. Granny’s experiences helped and I found out through my own exploring that Aloe indeed has even more uses than just keeping you ‘regular’.

Besides being rich in many amino acids and vitamins, Aloe

》Reduces Inflammation in the body and helps with digestion
》Lowers triglyceride levels and lowers blood glucose. Effective in managing diabetes.
》Boosts the immune system
》Treats skin problems with its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, moisturizes the hair and scalp
》Treats constipation by increasing mucus secretion and movement in the intestines

Indian Journal of Dermatology

Dr. Gus Landivar

Every body is different so of course check with your health care professional first when adding anything to your diet, just to be sure its safe for you.

DISCLAIMER : It is not our intention to provide treatment for any illness or provide a cure. Any attempt to diagnose and treat injury or illness should come under the direction of a medical doctor or health care professional


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