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FORGIVE Me, I’m New 🙂

My tastebuds are angry and I promised to tell you why, a month ago. I cannot believe what I’ve been missing. If you have grown up eating food prepared by steaming, thank your people! I grew up vegetarian but in all honesty, I don’t remember steaming at all until now. I do remember cooking my veggies in boiling water. Like adding them to a stew, with other things like onions, “veggiemeat” 🙂 (Grandburger/Vege-chunks), some squash and other vegetables. 

In my opinion, it tasted fine BUT low and behold I decided to try out steaming a few weeks ago. Verdict…These things came out sooo good. In the mix was Sweet potato, Bay leaf, Rosemary, Onion, Pumpkin, Squash, Kale, Beet and Cabbage. The steaming process seemed to have ‘made’ everything sweeter and more inviting than they usually taste when I just boil them. I mean..when I boil my veggies everything in the pot is just one flavour but with the steaming, I can taste EACH vegetable, Each one. So rich. No Lie. I am considering using my steamer to cook much more than veggies in the future as I’ve heard many foods can be prepared with it. So yeah My tastebuds are angry with me because I have been missing out and should have started steaming a long time ago!

They say steaming keeps in all the nutrients as well.
This is the type of steamer I did mine in. Minus the pork-tenderloin 🙂 🙂  –>>LINK HERE<<—
Persons also use the  stove top method which combines a regular pot with a steaming insert or basket.

Do you steam? If so what is your experience, does the food taste better or not?
I have also just started with using an Instant Pot and have done all of one thing so far in it. More to come on that.

Until next toss…

Enjoy your weekend and stay in touch.


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