A Little “Black Magic”

charcoal powder in a small bowl

Have you ever had a lump that itched so much that you considered using a knife to remove it? How these things progress, only God knows! The only time mine itched was when I was working out, so I didn’t give it much thought. But it started itching more and more severely and frequently as time went on. Seeing a dermatologist was an option that I really considered. Although this bump was not on my face, I chose to use the bump stopper lotion I had bought about a month ago for razor bumps. The itching subsided at first, but it quickly returned.

Beware the Cheapskate!!
So I’m thinking to myself, there has to be a less expensive way to address my problems than going to the dermatologist. So I turned to the ‘net. After researching my symptoms for a day or so, I found some suggestions about how to treat them, and I was prepared to give them a try. However, before I did, I ran my “illness” by my parents to get their feedback.

He Is a Man Who Keeps Many Secrets
My father, a vegan who has relied solely on natural medicines for the past 15 years, suggested that I apply a paste made of activated charcoal and olive oil to the swelling. I covered the lump with plaster and cotton soaked in charcoal. After using this for a few days, I no longer have any itching, and the bump has diminished significantly. I’ve been going on with my regular treatments.

Further Information on Charcoal
Charcoal’s history as a therapeutic ingredient begins in ancient Egypt and continues to the present day. A wide variety of medical issues are treated with activated charcoal in hospitals and clinics all around the world.
Information extracted from www.charcoalremedies.com.

a link to charcoal remedies.



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