Experience Wellness on Autopilot with our BodyConnect
Spa Rewards Membership

This membership is for busy professionals who want to prioritize wellness and enjoy a choice of spa treatments on autopilot.

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From our clients


See what members say.

"As a member of the Spa Rewards Program, I've found their monthly visits to be a highlight of my routine. The massages are heavenly, and the experience leaves me feeling completely refreshed. Being a member has truly elevated my self-care game!

H Sealy

"I've been a loyal member of the BodyConnect Spa Rewards Program for over a year now, and it's been worth every penny. The body scrubs are divine, the manicures are always on point, and the convenience of having regular spa treatments scheduled has made such a positive impact on my wellbeing. I can't recommend this membership enough!"

K James

"Joining the Spa Rewards Program has been a game-changer for me. With a hectic schedule, having my monthly spa treatments already planned and paid for has been a lifesaver. The quality of service is top-notch.

J Morgan

"I've never felt more pampered and taken care of than I do as a member of the BodyConnect Spa Rewards Program. From the moment they come in, I'm greeted with warmth and professionalism. The massages melt away my stress, the pedicures leave my feet feeling like silk, and the overall experience is pure bliss."

E Brathwaite

Let's Face The Truth

Sometimes our self care gets put on the back burner because of a busy schedule and low to no reminders. Then before you know it months pass without you getting that massage or spa visit in.

Your Wellness and Self care gets thrown off because of various things including..


No reminder to keep your appointment

We give you follow-up texts and calls


You have to physically go into a spa

We are mobile and give you your treatment in your office or home.


Each treatment you may want can be a hassle to book.

We have a range of treatments to choose from and one membership price which gives you access to any. 


You may feel rushed, like if you are on an assembly line

Every time you go to a spa your treatment  may feel rushed and same old, same old. Sometimes it may feel like you are just on an assembly line and your massage therapist, nail or wax tech is in a rush to finish your appointment and get to the next person right there  in line.

Each time we see you your treatment is tailored to fit you and unrushed.

Introducing BodyConnect Spa Rewards a wellness program where you take centre stage.

Join people just like you who are making wellness an everyday priority.

Wellness on autopilot

Features & Benefits

Our BodyConnect Spa Rewards Wellness On Autopilot program gives you monthly spa treatments, discounts, birthday specials, free gift certificates and more.
For one fee, YOU GET -

1 - One spa treatment per month from this list below.

– deep, light or medium pressure massage 60mins, trigger point therapy 45mins, hotstone massage 40mins, stretch massage 40mins
– Express Manicure AND Express Pedicure , Brazilian Wax, Standard or Gel Polish Manicure, Standard or Gel Polish Pedicure, Body Scrub, 

2 - Up to 15% discount on add-on treatments

Each spa service you use as an add-on to your included monthly treatment is discounted

3 - Priority Booking

Priority booking – you are given special attention when arranging your spa service and when booking any additional treatments.

4 - Exclusive Offers only for members.

Exclusive, members-only offers.

5 - Anniversary Specials

Spa specials for your birthday and on another date of your choosing, yearly.

6 - Less Stress

An increased feeling of calm and well-being due to scheduled, frequent treatments
promoting wellness.

7 - Refer a Friend

Refer a friend for 50% off your membership for 1 month.  One of your month’s payments are cut in half.

Wellness On Autopilot

Who this Wellness program is for

Wellness On Autopilot

Who this Wellness program is NOT for

Wellness program

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions

Our membership program includes your choice of ANY 1 of these soothing services per month. 

Members Menu

1) Deep, light or medium pressure 60min massage,  2) Trigger point therapy for 50mins, 3) Hot Stone massage for 50mins, 4) Stretch Massage for 50mins, 5) Express Manicure AND Express Pedicure, 6) Brazilian Wax, 7) Standard or Gel Polish Manicure, 8) Standard or Gel Polish Pedicure, 9) Body Scrub

You can add additional treatments to your month appointment and get a 15% credit towards them.

In Barbados dollars the membership cost is $169 per month, $477 every 3 months or $1789 per year. So either monthly, quarterly, or annual billing.

There are no additional fees or hidden charges associated with our membership program. The price you see is the price you pay.

You can choose any service from our membership menu  – as part of your membership benefits, with no limitations on what you can redeem. If you want another service outside of our membership menu you get 15% discount on it.–  Your Membership Menu Options are

1) Deep, light or medium pressure 60min massage,  2) Trigger point therapy for 50mins, 3) Hot Stone massage for 50mins, 4) Stretch Massage for 50mins, 5) Express Manicure AND Express Pedicure, 6) Brazilian Wax, 7) Standard or Gel Polish Manicure, 8) Standard or Gel Polish Pedicure, 9) Body Scrub

 You can use your membership benefits once per month, and if you are unable to have your spa service a particular month it rolls over to the following month for up to two months, providing your membership is current and paid.

We strive to accommodate our members’ schedules as much as possible, with no blackout dates and ample availability for booking appointments.

Yes, we offer exclusive perks and bonuses for our long-term members, such as complimentary upgrades and additional discounts on services.

Membership benefits are non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the registered member.

We understand that life happens, and we offer flexible cancellation and rescheduling policies for appointments booked through the membership program. Please give us 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your service.

Yes, we offer a 50% referral bonus for 1 month for members who refer friends or family to join our membership program. One of your months payments are cut in half.

Yes, we regularly offer exclusive promotions for our members which provide additional value.

Our membership program has a minimum commitment period of 1 month, after which you can cancel at any time with no further obligations.

Signing up for our membership program is easy! Simply select the green button on this page, then select the PayPal Subscribe button OR the Debit / Credit Card Button OR contact us directly on 1.246.850.0901 OR [email protected] to get started, and we will guide you through the enrollment process.

Spa Credit Gift

on your 1st 60 min massage

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