Music and Massage in Barbados

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of feeling under motivated, irritated and tired. We have a task to complete and we really do not want to do it. We feel like taking a break with some island music and massage in Barbados, before we even begin. Then you listen to that song you really like.  Somehow before the notes of the first verse are finished you have tons more energy and find the will to do what you need to do! Psychologist Don Campbell explores the effect of music on our minds in his book the “The Mozart Effect”  . The research to prove that music triggers the neural mechanisms that produce pleasant and unpleasant emotional states has been conducted and the findings noted. Here are some of the conclusions Don Campbell came to.

Gregorian Chant creates quiet in our minds and can reduce stress.

Classical music such as Haydn and Mozart, often increases concentration and memory when played in the background.

Jazz, Blues, Soul and Calypso music uplifts and inspires us, releasing great joy or deep sadness, conveying wit and affirming our common humanity.

Ambient and New Age music such as Stephen Halpern or Brian Eno has no dominant rhythm so it elongates the sense of space and time, inducing a state of relaxed alertness.

Does this make any sense to you and is Don Campbell’s research worth its salt?

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Music and our spa treatments in Barbados

We combine music and massage in Barbados to aid you in your relaxation, pain relief and bliss. We offer man treatments all infused with the healing ambience soothing music creates. You are also encouraged to have your own playlist ready if you prefer to customize your listening experience. Please see some of our selections by selecting the picture below.

music and massage in barbados
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