Mobile Massage in Barbados

Bringing the spa to you at your private residence, hotel or villa and as a result you get to relax with less effort. Our mobile massage in Barbados will soothe your tired spirit and will bring much rejuvenation. We deliver to your door thus making the process super easy..

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Excellent experience for all seven members of our party. They set up on the villa’s balconies so we had a gentle breeze and the sound of the surf. Our relaxing massage session for 90 minutes was amazing. The pressure applied was just perfect, and they worked on your entire body from your head to your toes. We got up from the table loose and relaxed 

Matthew – USA

mobile massage in Barbados by beach side

The TUTCH Adjustable Pressure Massage

30 mins @ $130 BBD

60 mins @ $199 BBD

90mins @ $279 BBD

Options for mobile massage in Barbados

Our most popular option, targeting specific areas of tension in your body, to relieve your problem areas, muscle fatigue, and tension. In this massage the pressure is fully customizable to your requests thus you will find it more beneficial to you. The pressure ranges from light relaxing strokes to firm pressure that’s deeper than the average and this ensures that deep-seated tension leaves your body.  For example, you may want the therapist’s pressure to be lighter on the front of your legs and lighter on your back, but if you want to really feel your massage, let the therapist know during the massage when to apply a little more pressure.  This mobile massage in Barbados can be tailored to any pressure you require and is fully customizable.

There are many wonderful spas in Barbados if you are interested in going to a spa. There is the Coral Reef Spa, Serenity Spa, Chakra Spa and these are all excellent, however, what we offer is an exceptional experience where we bring the spa to you in your Barbados Villa or Hotel.


What Shelby says about his mobile massage in Barbados.

Absolutely AMAZING experience and they came to our cottage with the Perfect way to end our honeymoon. The staff is very professional and gives incredible massages and they left me and my wife very relaxed and more than satisfied so I’m glad this company exists and we would recommend TUTCH to anyone looking for a great experience while in Barbados .

Shelby – UK

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