Mobile Gel Pedicures in Barbados

We come to you with our awesome mobile gel pedicures in Barbados. Like our standard pedicure, our gel pedicures include exfoliation, removal of dead skin, cuticle care and a sensational foot massage. Have you gel polish applied carefully and quickly to finish your experience. Gel polish usually lasts twice as long as regular nail polish. Get proven, quality gel pedicures in Barbados brought to your door by TUTCH Mobile Spa.

75 mins @ $149 BBD

About Gail-Ann’s experience with our Gel Pedicures in Barbados

I had my pedicure done it was an awesome experience. Fitting for a queen. Very professional and peaceful . Love it

Gail-Ann – Barbados

mobile gel pedicures in barbados

See some of our Gel polish choices below.

You Need To Know

Make sure your nail beds are hydrated.

Help you nails less brittle and as healthy as possible and use regular cuticle oil and moisturizer after your manicure. Help them to stay strong.

Beware of UV radiation, go LED with your mobile gel pedicures in Barbados

The curing lamp that you put your fingers or toes under so that your Gel polish can cure usually carries UV or LED bulbs. LED Lamps are growing in popularity as UV rays have long been thought to cause cancer in the skin.

You want to avoid all risks when exposing yourself to possible disease and more and more spa professionals are moving away from UV lamps for curing GELs and going to LED curing lamps instead. Ask your spa for the LED option.

Your nails will generally last for 2-3 weeks with Gel Polish

One of the major perks of a gel polish manicure is how long they last. The busier you are and the more you use your hands, the better it is for you to get a Gel pedicure. Once you have not found any thing else like allergies to deter you gels can be the thing for you.. No chipping 2- 3 weeks. Heaven.

You must beware of toxic ingredients.

Check to see if your polished may have things like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene. Do your research on the brands that your spa professional may use.

Avoid trimming your cuticles and avoid risk of infection

Make sure you ask you spa professional to your technician to avoid this about it before he/she starts on your gel pedicure. Pushing back your cuticles may be a better option as cutting may leave your skin open to infection.

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We also provide pedicures using standard polish.

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