Back Massage Routines in our Barbados Spa

This month we highlight a routine that has been a part of our massage treatments for the last year or so. We have listened to your feedback, regarding what you like most about our massages.

Our Back for More Back Massage

This month we focus on a small section of our “Back for More” routine which is a part of our full body and half body massage treatments. While you are lying face down, our hands are placed on the small of your back, at opposite sides of your spine (but never touching it). Just the right pressure is then applied to your lower back muscles. From there we slowly glide up to your neck,  working the muscles on either side of your spine, until our hands reach the top of your neck. This point is where we stop for a few seconds, applying pressure with our thumbs before repeating again.


When we finish your head and neck will feel tingly and light while the rest of your body enjoys the sense of a rushing release. Our entire “Back For More” routine is just a small part of our full and half body massage experiences. They also also includes a foot and scalp massage.

Back Massage Selection

For more on our back massages please see our Treatment description page below. Call for details and mention you saw this page.


We offer two types of massages
1. A light pressure throughout
2. An adjustable pressure, where you can get any pressure from deep to light at any time on arms, legs, back etc. as the therapist progresses through the massage.​​​​​​​ 
Fully customizable.

Our most popular option by far is the adjustable pressure. Sometimes clients know before hand they need more pressure in certain areas. Sometimes its only as the therapist goes in and begins the massage that the realize certain problem areas. With the adjustable pressure massage then can reserve the right to say where they want what pressure. For example on a tight muscle that the need work on or a stubborn not.




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