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It’s a few moments before this Barbados massage starts and I say to our client, “So Its a full body massage you are getting,  but are there any areas that you’d want me to spend more time on? In turn are there any areas of tension?”

Barbados massage gives you relaxation


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My Back

More often than not the answer to that question is “My back” or some other combination that includes Back, Feet and back , neck and back. Legs and back. A major place that holds a lot of tension in the body would be under the Scapula, or the “shoulder blade”

Under that wing bone

There are many muscles found in this region One being the Trapezius. Besides being painful locally at the point where your massage therapist touches you, it can refer pain to other regions. That is to say, the head, the nape of the neck and the shoulders. 
Therefore tightness in the back can be the cause of many other pains throughout the body. As a result tension in the upper back and migraine headaches may occur.

Reasons a Barbados Massage helps

Factors that could cause or extend back pain include.

Emotional distress or anxiety 
Arm rests that are too high 
Forward head, rounded shoulder posture
Scoliosis or other postural deformities

You may be surprised by the results of specific bodywork targeting  the  muscles around the scapula/upper back. We’ve been seeing great results with most clients for years but as usual consult your doctor, do your own research, ask questions. Be cautious, finding out for yourself before embarking on any pain management program.


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For more help on possible source of your pain and possible release please see the short video below where Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heinec discuss how you to address pain in hypersensitive areas of your muscles and the myths surrounding this pain.





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