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"Great experience with Tutch Mobile Spa, they came to our condo where we were staying and did a wonderful job! So great to not have to travel for such a relaxing experience. Definitely worth booking while you are on vacation."
Ashley – USA

"Absolutely AMAZING experience! Came to our cottage and was the Perfect way to end our honeymoon. The staff is very professional and gives incredible massages. Left me and my wife very relaxed and more than satisfied. So glad this company exists and would recommend TUTCH to anyone looking for a great experience while in Barbados."
Shelby – UK

"This was the second time we used Tutch for the whole family and they were outstanding. On time, professional, friendly and great spa services. We’ll be back and will use them again."
Bruce - Canada


You are NOT just another job.  We are truly passionate about what we do.  From our timely arrival and lively set-up of your treatment space, to the delivery of our fantastic spa treatments, your comfort and satisfaction come first.  Our friendly and trained therapists are never cold to you or in a rush to finish your treatment. Feel free to ask us to stay longer on any problem area you may have, or omit any move you may not like.  With your feedback, our treatments are tailor made for you, each and every time we pay you a visit.

We offer two broad categories of massages. Light and adjustable pressure. We also offer other spa services.

Light pressure massages

All prices in Barbados Dollars

30 mins @ 129 BBD

60 mins @ 239 BBD

90 mins @ 340 BBD

A light touch applied with pampering in mind. One steady pressure throughout.

Adjustable pressure massages

All prices in Barbados Dollars

30 mins @ 155 BBD

60 mins @ 289 BBD

90 mins @ 360 BBD

Our most popular option, targeting specific areas of tension in your body, to relieve your problem areas, muscle fatigue and tension. The pressure in this massage is fully customizable to your requests. It can range from light relaxing strokes to firm pressure that’s deeper than the average, to ensure that deep-seated tension leaves your body.  For example you may want the therapist’s pressure to be lighter on the front of your legs and lighter on your back. If you want to really feel your massage, let the therapist know during the massage, when to apply a little more pressure.  This treatment can be tailored to any pressure you require and is fully customizable.

"Absolutely great experience. Lovely people with great skill. We felt absolutely relaxed and refreshed. They even chatted with us for a bit afterwards and gave us some local tips on food and things to do! Completely recommend them to anyone....!"

TUTCH Mobile Spa

Clapham, St. Michael, Barbados 

Phone (246)233.0901

Email: [email protected]

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