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We are an experienced spa company offering pedicures, facials, body waxing, body wraps, massages and more in the comfort of your own space, at your home in Barbados.


Your SPECIAL Massage

Once purchased by the end of July you can use your special massage either now or later.
Right Now (use by July 30th, 2020)
Purchase and use your special full body massage for $99 on or before July 30th
Gift Voucher Delay (use by December 30th, 2020)
Purchase your special full body massage for $99 by July 30th as a gift voucher that expires in 5 months. There is no extra cost to you if you use this option. You or the person you purchased it for, will be able to use it up until December 30th 2020.


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To your Wellness and Health.
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on your 1st 60 min massage

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