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Atomic Habits

I often listen to Impact Theory channel and also various podcasts on self improvement,  business, nutrition and I honestly cant remember where I got this book recommendation but I remember going to search online and typing in the book name and coming across this interview with the author of  Atomic Habits recently after watching this ->>. Here is the VIDEO. link to that interview


You always hear about good habits and their benefits but how do you form them in the first place, how do you make the process something that you actually want to do, something exciting? This book explores how to make forming habits attractive. 

According to the author James Clear, we think the thing that needs to change is the the bank account, the test score, the number on the scale but actually the thing that needs to change are the habits that actually precede those outcomes. Once we form the habit the result will be automatic. In his book he delves into how to create the habits that lead you to the outcomes you want and how to unlearn the habits that don’t.

Interesting and life changing read for me.


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