It’s becoming a pain in the neck…

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How have things been going? How have you been getting time fore relaxation? I remember sharing a few tips for how you can relax,  how to help yourself at home and self massage techniques you can use to fill in the gaps between spa visits from us in Barbados.

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Almost anything can become a pain in the neck and most of you all who use us for massage here in Barbados complain of this the most. A pain that’s nagging you either in your neck or back. A pain that’s local or it may even shoot to your head or arm.

Pain can be caused by many different factors like dehydration, from alcohol consumption, prolonged sweating, poor posture, intense and prolonged manual work or exercise and also poor posture  hunching over a desk at work all day without taking breaks to walk around.
Treatment often requires release of hot spots in the muscles. In other words a release of the primary places which
hold the most tension in the muscles. Trigger Points.

You may feel pain between the shoulders when at rest and snapping or crunching noises during movement of the scapula, the shoulder blade.

We have found that direct attention to the Rhomboids and other related muscle such as the Levator Scapula, Pectoralis Major and Mid-Trapezius will help.


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